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Caissie Karate
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Pre School Children's Program Teens & Adults

Welcome To Caissie Karate

Caissie Karate is a school that is focused on teaching practical Martial Arts for a modern world. We are a full time school teaching classes 6 days a week. Our classes are always exciting and innovative while keeping the traditional values of Martial arts alive. Caissie Karate uses a large facility which is fully matted promoting a practical and safe training environment.

Our school offers a wide range of programs for ages 3 and up. Adult classes in our school offer a great workout while teaching a high degree of technical information to improve your martial arts abilities. Whether you are just looking for a great workout or you are that elite athlete who wants to compete and win we have something for you. Our children’s classes offer a fun and structured environment where we use the martial arts as a vehicle towards self improvement. “The principles of the Black Belt” are taught and incorporated in all our classes.

The staff at Caissie Karate are committed to delivering results in all our students. They continuously strive for excellence by constant improvement in themselves through regular training in their Martial Arts abilities and teaching skills.

We also hold regular events at our school such as holiday parties, movie nights and other special occasions. These promote a family atmosphere and encourage camaraderie among all our students and their families.

With highly motivated instructors who have a passion for the Martial Arts, an innovative and exciting curriculum and flexible class schedule with the option of no long term contracts Caissie Karate is Guelph’s best choice for Martial Arts.

We teach “The Principles of the Black Belt”

As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live by the principles of the Black Belt:


Being proud of your accomplishments but not boastful. Able to do well but not act superior to others.


Having respect for other people's feelings, helping someone out, not laughing at another person's mistakes. Being polite.


Being a person that others can trust, rely on and count on at all times.

Self Control

To stop yourself from doing things that can hurt you or someone else, either mentally or physically.


To keep going even when you feel like quitting. To keep on trying to do your absolute best.

Indomitable Spirit

Not to be discouraged or defeated in any way. Always willing to say, "Yes, I can."

What’s our goal?

“Black Belt Excellence, Sir!”